WELCOME to FEMME LIFESTYLE home to my passions and all the lovely things that catch my eye.  I am just a gal who loves good food , great company and the finer things in life.

I have a huge passion for quaint eateries and also the complete opposite in the form of fine-dining or what my dad calls 'pretty food'. I love nothing more than to snuggle up with my kitties and indulge in fine coffee/ hot chocolate or a cappuccino and a good book.

I have recently been on a weight loss journey and lost approximately 28 - 32 kg's (depending on how good I am ), it's a constant journey and struggle but one which I have embraced for life, along with my newly discovered passion for boot camps. I honestly never thought I would enjoy sweating so much or even shopping for exercise clothes and trainers.

My journey in the digital world started with Femme Lifestyle and with a background in beauty for more than 18 years I am now happily Social Media Manager at The Renewal Institute.

I aim to maintain an honest and transparent platform in which what you see is what you get. If a post or item reviewed is sponsored it will always be stated as such.

If at any time, any info , competitions and/or products are misrepresented to me in any way, I reserve the right to remove all content and/or withdraw any linked promotions or competitions.

All comments are moderated to prevent spamming , I do however love to hear from you and would appreciate any comments.

I hope you enjoy

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